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During the early 2010s, the Brazilian indie ttrpg development scene was booming. In 2014, following many game releases in English, many in the community felt the need to talk about our games and ideas to a broader audience. So Encho Chagas decided to gather every month with different authors to create The Analog XP, a digital magazine in English talking about the Brazilian scene.

The Analog XP was funded by a very small, but powerful, campaign on Patreon and lasted until the end of that year. It even got 2 issues in Portuguese, since Brazilian readers also got interested in its content.

Keep in mind that this content was developed in a different time, when the community had different needs, mindsets. Things changed a LOT since then. But many still asked me to reupload them, so that's what this is. They were not updated or edited in any way.

* The 8th issue had some trouble at the time, and ended up being delayed, then never released.

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AuthorEncho Chagas
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdigital-magazine, Game Design, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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